No one could hear her shrilled screams and muffled tears. Her heart was broken. She could feel the glasses slice through her heart and the blood dripping, spirit too broken to fight back. Selling her soul to the devil would have been too good of a deal. The agony and hatred for her kins kept her wide awake at night. Or was it just too much of a pain, for a heart stripped from its lover?

She was raised to be the perfect daughter. A perfectionist in all areas of life, curious in the ways of life and a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. A source of strength and inspiration, compassion and courage. A superwoman of sort. All that she had achieved until she met her. And that’s when everything changed.

To love and be loved really is a beautiful thing. This perfect creature had changed her view on so many things. She brought out the fire in her and made her perfectly built walls crumble. The trees swayed to her movements and birds chirped the most beautiful melodies. The sun always shining for her and when it was cloudy, she could still feel the rays warming her heart. She was no believer of magic, and yet here she was. Feeling magical.

She knew her soul was no longer hers from the moment their lips parted. As she lay in her arms, she quietly whispered,”You are my Eve.”

For a moment she was happy, really happy.

And then it all changed. She decided to tell her family about her beautiful mystical creature and instead of being happy for her, they shunned her out. Called it unnatural because they could not understand it. Mocked her for believing in something that does not exist.

They then sent her to a new land without getting the chance to say goodbye. There she was to learn new ways of living and loving. She was to forget about her rhythms of her heart and learn a new song.

“Time and distance may separate us. Each passing day is a living agony and all I have are memories of you. This is madness but it is beautiful madness: so never stop searching for me. For I am forever yours.”

Thus the letter read.